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The owner and operator of service is Condohotels Management (Condohotels Management sp. Z.o.o w Ostrodzie ). Condohotels Management is responsible for contents of the service as well as for processing collected information.

Policy of collecting informations
The internet service processes the personal details with valid rules. Any questions posted to us will be processed with confidence and secret of commerce. The personal details and electronic addresses will not be used to any other purposes, than to giving answers for made questions, especially they will not be used to posting trade information in the future, which are not familiar with the questions. What is more the information will not be given to other unauthorized people, unless the user gives the permission to have the details being sent.

About cookies files
The service is automatically collecting only the information included in the cookies files. The cookie files (called *biscuits*) make up digital details, especially text files which are store in the final device of the user (computer, telephone, tablet) and they are designed for using websites of the service. The cookies files usually include the name of the internet website, where they are come from, their period of storing on the final device and unique number. The cookies files may be used to: (i) make use of contents of internet websites to preferences of the user also to optimize using the websites; especially this files will help to recognize the device of the user and adequately show the website adjusted to individual (ii) creating satisfaction, which are help to understand better in which way the users using the websites, that improves they structure and contents.

(iii) holding the website session of the users (after log on) does not demand from the user that he/she put the login and the password again. The cookies files are divided: *session cookies* and *persistent cookies*. Cookies session are temporary files, which are stored in the final device of the user until he log off, until the website will not be left or till the user switch off the soft ware (internet searcher)

Persistent cookies are stored in the final device of the user through specific time in parameters of the files or until they became erased by the user. The files which are in use: (a) necessary cookies files-help using all services which are contained at the service, for example credentials cookies files need to authenticate them at the service (b) cookies files assuring the security, for example these which are detecting abuse from the service (c) efficiency cookies files which make possible collecting all the information about how to use the websites of the service. (d) functional cookies files which help memorizing all settings and personal inter safe chosen by use for example in area of the selected language or region, where the user comes from, the size of font and the look of front page of the website (e) advertisement cookies files which give for the user advert text more appropriate to its needs. needs.

Blocking or restricting cookies files by the user
In many cases the soft ware used for looking through websites (internet searcher) is letting to store cookies files in final device of the user. The user can make some changes in arrangement at any time, especially there is any option of blocking cookies files in arrangements of internet searcher on the user devices or forcing that every time when they appear the user was informed. More detailed information about instructions of its use are concluded in settings of soft ware (internet searcher). It must be remembered that switching off cookie files may results in correctness, and/or value of working and on your convenience of using some of the internet services, like service. Some of the service may automatically disappear, so do not switch cookies off. The cookies files of third sides The service is using statistics and cookies files of Google company for making usefulness of own actions and advertisement company also they analysing movements of the user on .The cookies files of the Google company may be placed on the user computer after touching or watching the advertisement they do not contain personal or any contact details. The aim of putting this files is measuring effectiveness of advertisement and identify if t he advert dealt to getting desirable action on the website. All detailed information about the way of collecting these information by cookies files by Google service, are included on the Centre security of privacy Google website. We also propose a Manager of advertisement preference.

The third sides (outsiders), like Google may show advertisements published by Condohotels Management in the internet windows giving them their own advertisement area. Delivery objects as well as Google may use cookie files or use the pictures type web beacon for collecting information of the web sites and after this showing advertisement being connected with the previous visit of the user on the or other web sites related to Condohotels Management. There is a possibility of resignation from this option and blocking this Google cookies files on web site: the centre security of Google privacy

Condohotels Management may conduct advertisement company depending on previous visits of the user on web site, as well as its accessible with the rule of statistics the information about interest of the user stated on previously visited by him web sites, having an aim to present him new offer or bringing his attention to visit web site. This advertisement will not contain any personal details of the user also they will not unanimously suggest that user makes specific action on web sites. Condohotels Management may use in its companies the function of dynamic show of the advertisement, which use files cookie Teracent, from which you can resign on the Taracent web site, also pixels of remarketing Double Click, from which you can resign on Double Click web site or on the Network Advertising Initiative. The Network Advertising Initiative is recommend especially for users who are interested in security of privacy and possibility to limit in collecting information about users.

The personal details and security of privacy
For everyone who gives us his personal details and/or contact information we promise possibility to look back into his data and make any changes. We also assure the possibility to pressing from being send any company commercials by electronics post, we will not initiate any telephone calls or any other way communication in marketing goal, proposing offers needed for checking the marked or satisfy of the client will not be used. If appears the situation that the information which was sent by us does not contain details about the resignation or the resignation was failed please contact us directly, by electronics post, telling us exactly the direct communication range. We make our best to answer without any delay. We reserve the rights to verification if the application is actually from the person whose details are included, by sending the verifying message or telephone confirmation before any changes are made in our data base.

All the details how to contact with us connected with policy of privacy are put on the Condohotels Management


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